Let yourself be captivated by the poetry of the Jonas sofa style. With its fluid lines and timeless charm, it envelops you in a comforting embrace. Its “Big Motion” version is perfect for those who love sharing moments of relaxation with their loved ones. With ample space for two people, this sofa offers a superior […]


WE ARRIVE IN A MORE COMPLEX DIMENSION. We are in Beijing, where charm and beauty make this city simultaneously historic and modern. It is from this juxtaposition that our particular and attractive model is born, with a young and dynamic seating system that creates an original play of volumes. Thus, the large modular systems are […]


BYRON IS ESSENTIAL, SIMPLE, AND TIMELESS. A gentle press on the armrest control panel is all it takes to transform a comfortable seat into a stunning chaise longue. It is a sofa with bold and strong geometries that allows for infinite adaptable and refined solutions.


HERE’S A SPECIAL WAY TO PAMPER YOURSELF, FALL ASLEEP, DREAM, AND RELAX. Traditional yet refined design for the Denver sofa. A relaxed style for a proposal that epitomizes absolute comfort. It is a contemporary sofa that transforms the space into pleasant environments to be enjoyed alone or in company.


THE MADE IN ITALY STYLE NEEDS NO INTRODUCTION. The Milano model is a perfect combination of originality and character. The feather padding gives the sofa that lived-in and timeless look. Simplicity, appropriateness, and proportion.


AN OFFERING OF AUTHENTIC ORIGINALITY THAT COMPLETES CONTEMPORARY AND SOPHISTICATED ENVIRONMENTS. Montreal is a sofa with an elegant design, meticulously crafted with refined stitching and characteristic details of careful artisanal production. A comprehensive choice to meet all style needs.


GENEROUS, MODERN, AND ELEGANT IN SHAPE, THE SENECA SOFA FITS IN AS A FLEXIBLE AND ADAPTABLE PROJECT TO CONTEMPORARY TASTES AND TRENDS. Generous proportions for the Seneca. A concrete answer to personalize your comfort through a series of combinations with clean and essential lines. A full and welcoming proposal that invites relaxation.


COMFORT, SIZE, AND MATERIALS ARE THE THREE KEYWORDS THAT DEFINE THE SOFIA SOFA. The Sofia sofa comes in various sizes, from large linear or sectional seats to smaller versions, including the two-seater that invites intimacy and closeness in the age of social connections. The materials used are chosen for their comfort, with fabrics that are […]


A SOFA THAT COMBINES COMFORT AND DESIGN TO COMPLETE YOUR LIVING SPACES. Generous padding, comfortable seats, and meticulous finishes characterize every detail with the typical style of Italian taste. Essential and comfortable, the Ungaretti model can be customized according to spaces, preferences, and needs. It’s a sofa with soft lines, comfort, and timeless appeal, reflecting […]


DESIGN AND COMFORT COME TOGETHER IN THE PURSUIT OF PERFECT ERGONOMICS FOR EVERYONE. Doha is the best seller of comfort. A design gem, it’s an armchair that you’ll love and customize with finishes and colors. Enjoy this choice for total relaxation and in line with the latest style trends.