Pascal is much more than just a corner sofa, it is designed to bring versatility and style to your living area. This spacious three-seater sofa with an electric recliner and a terminal chaise stands out for its compact dimensions and linear design that captures attention. Its slightly inclined armrest allows for comfortable rest and adds dynamism to the overall structure.

The exposed metal foot harmoniously blends with the enveloping upholstery of the armrest, becoming an additional decorative element. The wide electric recliner allows you to easily adjust the seating position, allowing you to find the ideal comfort. The terminal chaise provides additional space to stretch your legs and relax fully.

Pascal is available in a wide range of high-quality fabrics and leathers, allowing you to customize the sofa according to your style and preferences. With its captivating design and advanced features, Pascal is certainly a distinctive element for your living space, offering uncompromising comfort and style.